3 Reasons why Pinterest is key to driving traffic to your website

Let’s dive right into WHY Pinterest is absolutely KEY to driving massive traffic to your website!

1. Pinterest is a search engine

You’ve heard it a million times before: Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media network.

But how is that relevant to your business?

Well, Pinterest being a search engine means that, people come to Pinterest looking for something specific. Pinterest users are actively looking for solutions.

The user mindset from a Pinterest user vs someone mindlessly scrolling on IG or FB is completely different.

That means that when a Pinner finds a pin that looks like it will be that solution they are looking for, they are very likely to click on it, so that they can get to the solution. Pinners have already ‘agreed’ to being redirected to a different website. They expect it. You are not ‘trying’ to get them to come to your website.

Now, if you can position YOUR pin to be the solution they are looking for, THAT is where you can start seeing a HUGE difference in the kind of traffic that Pinterest is sending to your site.

2. Your pins have a longer lifespan

Another reason that makes Pinterest so different from other social media platforms, is that unlike FB and IG, your pins won’t just disappear after a few hours.

Pins stay around for a few months…at least. But many pins are still circulating years after they were first pinned. This is how I am STILL getting traffic to one of my websites even though I haven’t pinned a single pin since 2018. And I am still sitting at 200K+ impressions every month.

This means that no matter how long ago you pinned your pins, they may still continue to drive traffic back to your site years on.

3. The traffic you get is 3x more likely to buy

One of the best parts of using Pinterest in your marketing strategy is that that Pinterest users are ready to buy.

Again, this comes down to the fact that Pinners come to Pinterest actively looking for answers, solutions and inspiration.

You want to take full advantage of this.

And it’s a lot simpler than most marketing strategies out there. Simply write a blog post linking to one of your opt-in or services, create an eye catching pin and attention grabbing title and there’s a pretty good chance that someone will sign up when they come to your post from Pinterest.

If you’re curious about how I can help your business get MORE traffic & sales, book a free Pinterest Strategy call where I’ll deep dive into your business and give you a roadmap that you can use to start building traffic to your website.

Chat soon!




Generate a consistent flow of traffic + leads to your products and services + increase sales conversions all without daily IG stories, posts and DMs.

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Tiffany Chec

Tiffany Chec

Generate a consistent flow of traffic + leads to your products and services + increase sales conversions all without daily IG stories, posts and DMs.

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