You hate Instagram but don’t know where to get business traffic? Here’s how.

Tiffany Chec
2 min readApr 21, 2022


So you’ve been hanging out on Instagram attempting to get your head around posting, doing stories, finding relevant hashtags and figuring out how the heck to get traction from the platform.

‍But turns out that IG isn’t really your cup of tea….at all.

‍Because hey, let’s just be honest for a minute.

‍-> Selfies aren’t your thing

-> You are not into sharing aspects of your daily life with total strangers; and

-> Lip syncing to some remixed tunes while fist bumping invisible captions…. well forget it!

So how can you get traffic to your website without using Instagram?


‍And before you say “what? You want me to move from one social media to another, that’s your tip?”

Just hear me out.

Pinterest happens to be a POWERHOUSE when it comes to increasing website traffic and getting those potential leads to your website door!

It isn’t just a place to find dream home inspo and drool worthy recipes.

Pinterest is an amazing platform to bring in new and consistent traffic. And a lot of business owners are not even aware of this!

What this means is that now is a great time to leverage this platform to expand your business!

Definitely check out this post here about the top 6 benefits of being on Pinterest.

Chances are, some of your competitors are on Pinterest already, getting all that traffic quietly.

If you want to confirm this, do a quick search for your business topic in the Pinterest search bar. And see how many pins appear.

The unpleasant truth is that not being on Pinterest promoting your brand is costing you money. And the question you want to be asking yourself isn’t …

“I wonder if Pinterest could work for my business?”


“How many LEADS am I losing by not being on Pinterest?”

If you want to…

-Increase brand awareness

-Generate a constant flow of website traffic

-Expand your global reach

-Get high quality leads; and

-Increase sales conversions

AAAAAND do all those without having to post a single selfie, show up on stories and spend hours upon hours filming reels, Pinterest is the place to be.

And if you are looking for a done for you Pinterest management service that will get you results, I may well be your gal.

The best part?

You won’t have to lift much of a finger for it. Other than to continue to create fresh content regularly.

Click here to book a free website traffic strategy session with me.

During the 30 minute sessions, I’ll audit your website, assess your goals and put together a roadmap during our call to help you get to 10K+ consistent new visitors/month to your website.

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Tiffany Chec

Generate a consistent flow of traffic + leads to your products and services + increase sales conversions all without daily IG stories, posts and DMs.